Thank you Mr. Bus Driver

After 30 minutes of trying to get the little brick out of bed, he finally emerged still in pjs. His breakfast was ready, I had plenty of time to cook it since he was in bed, but now he only had 30 minutes until the bus would arrive.
Wow, this is a balance!! I need to provide him with enough updates on time so he can pace himself and be ready, but not so many updates as to upset him and throw off the whole day. So….”30 minutes until the bus”….”OK”…..”15 minutes until the bus”…”OK”….”baby, only about 5 minutes until the bus” ….”I said, OK!!!” oops, hit the limit.
We have a routine with the driver, if the garage door is open the little brickster will be going to school and we are running late, if the door is closed the driver may assume that he is sick and not wait. So, I open the garage door, just in time to see the bus coming around the corner. “uh-oh—the bus is here.”
The little guy drops his fork (because 30 minutes is not enough time to eat 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast) and runs for his room. I tell him he will not need a jacket today and grab his bag to go out to the bus and apologize for running so very late. A few moments later, here comes the little brick bare feet with socks and shoes in tow. He plops down in the driveway so I can help him with his converse high tops (part of a Dr. Who Halloween costume that he still wears). I can see that he is frustrated from the rush, but I ties the shoes, give him a piece of minty gum (because teeth brushing did not happen this morning) I get him on the bus. The driver then asks me all quiet and secret like “Can he have a chocolate donut?” “Sure” I reply. The driver offers the donut and all is right in the world again.
So, Mr. Mike the morning bus driver—today you are my hero. For waiting, for having the donut and for safely transporting my little man each morning. Thank YOU!


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