Ear Splitting Hobbits

We went to the movies to see The Hobbit yesterday.  I know my little brick has difficulty with the volume, especially at the beginning during the previews.  The volume is so loud and jumps from loud to almost unbearable with each scene and trailer.  He sat through all 15 minutes of previews with his hands over his ears.  Usually he adjusts and is fine, but at this point I was worried.  Even when we get to the trailer for the new Star Trek movie, his hands stayed over his ears….uh-oh.  He is wearing the 3-D glasses over his eyeglasses (this usually creates an issue, but he is doing well so far) and the volume isn’t leveling out yet.  I look over at our 13 year old and he is even wincing at the volume.  I lean over at say to the little guy “Hopefully the sound will level out and you’ll be OK once the movie starts.”  He looks at me, eyes wide and says “I hope so.”  Me too, bud, me too.

So the movie starts and the sound levels out and we are fine.  He agreed to try headphones next time-at least for the previews.  I am going to contact The Autism Society and AMC Theaters to inquire about sensory friendly “big kid” movies.  I have seen ads and posts for sensory friendly movies before, but they are all kid’s films—How to Train Your Dragon, Finding Nemo, etc…  We never needed to see them in sensory friendly version because kid’s films have a tendency to be less obnoxiously loud.

I cannot have the only adolescent (or teen or adult) family member who likes sci-fi, fantasy and super hero films, after all these genres fall right into the stereotypical ASD/Aspie high interest category.  How many other teens and adults with or without ASD diagnoses have sensory and/or hearing issues and cannot tolerate the head splitting volume of a movie theater?  There must be enough to warrant sensory friendly viewings of non animated non Pixar/Disney/DreamWorks films.

So wish me luck!  I am off on a new quest……Sensory Friendly Films for All!!


3 responses to “Ear Splitting Hobbits

  1. Wonderful Idea! It would be good for the companies as well because a lot of the children are getting to be “big Kids” (though my daughter is one of the younger then her age crowd so she might not ever grow into the “big kid” movies)

  2. You must have been in the theater with us :). My spectrum guy (13) did the SAME thing through the previews! Ears covered through the entire preview section and then periodically during the movie when the sound rose. Let me know what you find out 🙂

  3. Wonderful idea for all! The law was passed for the tv commercials so you have support with this idea!

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