I have a hole in my pocket

I took the little brick to spend some of his Christmas money.  Knowing his impulsive nature and inability to save money, I encouraged him to look through some old sale flyers from Target and Toys R Us and the LEGO catalogue.  He actually did!  He looked through, compared desired items to items on his Christmas list that he didn’t get and made a new list.  The list was prioritized with store and price listed.  Off we go….

First stop, Toys R Us.  Much to my dislike—I think they are way over-priced.  But, he had a RC Crane picked out from the flyer and I didn’t know if Target would have it so in we go.  It was a plastic, flimsy, floppy piece of junk.  I knew the brick would get it together, it would fall apart and he would have a fit. So, deep breath….”Baby, listen to me a minute.  See this kid (the pic on the box)?  How old do you think he is?”  “I don’t know…maybe 5?”  “More like 3 or 4.  If the box says for kids 3 and up and shows a 3 year old, do you think this is a toy that will hold up to your play?  Think about what you want to do with it and what most 3 year olds might do with it.”  I held my breath.  This was going one of two ways and history indicated a screaming fit about my not understanding and it being his money was coming.  He opened his mouth “I think maybe you are right.  This really looks like junk for a baby.”  WHAT?????  Did I hear correctly?  Did he really just listen to me, think about and process what I said and then make a sensible choice???  Big Step!!  For him to overcome the impulse to buy the item and then leave the store without buying anything is huge!!

On our way to Target I reminded him that we are going to Cirque Du Soleil (Blog to follow, I’m sure) on Saturday and will be next to the LEGO store at Disney.  Does he want to look there?  Yes, he does, but “let’s check out Target anyway.”  Well, a clearance Halo Mega Block set later (with plenty of money left) we were headed home.  I am so proud of him for listening and being able to think it through.  Way to go, Bud!


One response to “I have a hole in my pocket

  1. What progress and I have seen it happening because of patience, love and understanding from two great parents. Love Mom Mom

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