Slugs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

What is it about adolescent boys and hygiene?  Do they lose their sense of smell from 10-15 years old?  Our NT son finally gets it.  I think his friends started to smell and he realized he smelled.  The emerging girl thing probably contributes too.  Our little lego brick though, just doesn’t care.

He will stand in the shower for 10 minutes or sit in our big tub for 45+ minutes and never touch the soap or shampoo.  And teeth brushing (even after a root canal) is torture.  I try to follow the “teach him how so he can do it himself” philosophy.  I knew if I continued to brush for him and wash his hair for him he would never do it on his own, so I stopped….years ago.

So we continue to battle, each night.  “Go shower, use soap, wash your hair, rinse well, dry off, hang up your towel, brush teeth, get the back teeth…..”  For now I will blame it on the Y chromosome.


**Update**  This is a post I typed up and set aside for a rainy day.  Since writing it I have discovered that my little guy “does not like the scratchy scrubby.”  We move away from liquid body wash years ago, as the boys were using way too much and we were going through a bottle a week.  I found this neat little bath pouf thing that you slide a bar of soap inside.  It is made from the same material as a bath pouf but is sewn up into a tube, closed at one end with a drawstirng at the other.  Pretty cool….family and friends who stay with us even comment about it and ask where we got it.

Now I am off to find a pattern to make something similar out of a soft face cloth.  Hello Pinterest—here I come!


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