What’s In A Name

Daddy brick started a new job today.  And with the new job will come lots of traveling.  LOTS.  His truck has had some battery issues so we took him to the airport this morning so the truck wouldn’t sit while he was gone and be dead in the airport parking lot when he gets back.

Both kids decided to see him off by riding to the airport.  At 6:50 Daddy brick wakes the boys while I care for the dogs (the other 13 pets can wait until I get home).  By 7:05 we are headed out and traffic is flowing nicely.  Breakfast for them all at Chik-fil-a.  Hubby gets out and the drop off area and, after hugs kisses and “good luck”s, heads to his gate and I head out to get the boys off to school.  First stop is the little brick.  School starts at 8:35 and he is questioning whether he will be late.  I assure him he’s fine, even if he is late, I will sign him in.  He continues to question and seems concerned.

“Will I be in school by 10?”  He finally asks.  That’s when he has art.  Now I know why he is worried.

“You will be on time, don’t worry (NAME).” I say.

“That sounded funny, you said my name at the end.” He says giggling.

“(NAME), you will be on time, don’t worry.  Is that better?” I ask.

“No, it still sounds funny.  You said my name.”

“Since when is your name funny sounding?”  I ask.

“It’s not you just never use my name unless you are mad or I am in trouble.”

“You will be on time, don’t worry baby.  Is that better?”  I ask looking in the review mirror at him.

“Yes, mommy, much better!”  He says smiling.


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