Social Skills and Skylanders

We had our first social skills group session yesterday.  If you saw my post about the Shaggy pants, you know how the afternoon started.  Thankfully the brick decided to change so there was no battle.  We got in the car and pulled out and he says “Can we stop for a snack?”  Ummm—seriously?  I just offered you about 15 different things.  No, we will not stop so you can have a fit that I won’t buy you whatever junky food you want. 

Bracing myself “No, I offered you a bunch of things and you said you didn’t want a snack.” 

“Can we stop and get a drink?”

“I will get you water.”

“Never mind!” said with a huff and frustration.

Oh, crap.  Here we are 20 minutes form a new therapy, new kids, new therapist and he has gotten in “a mood.”  This is never good!

I remind him of our deal.  If he has no aggression or potty mouth (which includes disrespect) and finishes the session (he is notorious for getting upset, leaving the room and not going back in) we will get something special for dinner and he can sleep with me (hubby is away for work).  Little brick lets it go… (sigh). 

We get to the office, check in, the therapist calls all the boys back and he goes with no issue.  Whew!!  I think I have more anxiety over this than him.

About 20 minutes later…….He storms out of the room, plops down next to me “This sucks!”  Here comes the therapist.  Long story short, he was playing with his hat (damn, I didn’t think about taking his hat) and not participating.  He was looking down and using the hat to cover his face.  OK, let s take a minute and recover.  The therapist offers to give him a minute.  Thank you!

A minute later (she had to have timed it) she is back and the brick heads back in.  This is good…I am scared about what is coming next, but he went back in!!  Willingly!!  One minute, two minutes, four minutes, five minutes…..the door opens and I see him.  Uh-oh.  No, wait!  He’s smiling!  I get a thumbs up and he disappears behind the door again not to be seen until it is all over!  Woo-Hoo!!  Way to go bud—great job!

“How was it?” I ask in the car.

“Not bad”

I’ll take it.  So we stop at the sushi place so he can get shrimp tempura for dinner.  We get home and the dogs great us at the door and the teen is in his room, door closed.  I discover the dogs have not only eaten the cat food, but cleaned the litter box for us too.  (Why do they do that?? YUCK!!)  I serve up dinner and we eat.  The brick goes in to play his new Skylanders game and hollers out “One of my Skylanders is missing!!”  Oh NO!  I immediately know what happened.  I turn on the light and check the dog’s crates.  Crap…there it is.  Its hand is chewed off but it seems to work.  But, that’s not the point to the brick.

He gets a lecture about leaving the playroom door open and being responsible for his stuff and the teen gets a lecture about leaving the dogs out and disappearing.  The brick blames his brother (because it would never be his mistake) and the brother is bent out of shape because I called him on leaving the dogs unsupervised.  Yay, great night!

Now I am more upset than both boys.  They are arguing, I am breaking up fights and feeling like I should have done something to prevent this.  I get the brick in the tub and say, jokingly, to his brother.  You need to get me in a better mood.  “What??” he squeals.  “Yea, do your thing and cheer me up.”  I cannot stay mad at or around this kid.  He has this amazing talent of using his dry sarcastic humor to make me smile—even when it makes me even more mad to smile.

I go check on the brick in the tub and come back out to my computer playing “You Had a Bad Day” and the big kids smiling ear to ear.

“You are so awesome, bud!  Thanks.” I say hugging him.

His reply?  “I know!”  Smart ass!



One response to “Social Skills and Skylanders

  1. oh no!!!! Liam would be livid too if Josie (our fur baby) chewed a sky lander, lol. Isn’t it amazing how these kids can always make us laugh with that special humor that is all their own? Oh btw, I see flashwing there to the right, one of my faves 🙂

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