An apple (or 2) for the teacher.

A different kind of post today.  As you may or may not have read, I am a speech therapist.  A big part of my practice is teaching parents, educators and children Sign Language.  The benefits of using sign with children, of any age and ability, are countless.  Using sign with children can improve communication, language, reading, spelling, writing, social-emotional development, peer interactions and more.  It does not delay speech and language, nor do children “rely” on signing once they become verbal.  If you aren’t familiar with the idea and research, look it up.

Yesterday I worked with the Florida Diagnostic &Learning Resources System, an organization that provides learning opportunities to parents and educators to maximize student achievement, and offered a class on using Sign Language in the early childhood and early elementary classroom setting.  I love working with young children.  I knew early in college that I would work with kids, especially very young children.  I never imagined I would love teaching adults this much.

To stand in front of a group of motivated, open minded educators and provide information that they are thirsting for is an amazing feeling.  I love how excited they get, how much they participate; laughing and having fun.  They ask questions and seek more information.  They take what they learn and then go back to their classrooms and implement it.  These are the teachers who go above and beyond with our children.  These are the teachers who try to teach the way our children learn, not expect our children to always learn the way they teach.  These are the teachers who love our children and see them as the beautiful, bright children they are and see the potential in them to become whatever they want as they grow.

So if you are one of these teachers, thank you!  If your child has one of these teachers (and mine does) be sure to thank them.  It is a true blessing to have a teacher who cares and takes the extra steps needed to teach our special kids.  I do not know where we would be without the last 2 years with my son’s teacher.

To Ms. B, Mrs. G and Ms. A, my son’s teachers, thank you a million times over!


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