reduce, reuse, recycle–the art of cardboard boxes

The imagination and creativity of my little brick never ceases to amaze me.  When kids are little we joke about the box being a better gift than the toy.  It is so true, even in older kids.  Three or four years ago hubby and I bought a big flat screen TV (not the kind you can hang on a wall, but still a flat screen) for the living room.  I was a Christmas gift to each other.  When it arrived, the little brick, who was 6 or 7 at the time, begged for the box.  It was probably 3 ½ feet tall, 4 ½ feet across and only 2 feet deep.  He had us cut some windows and a door in it.  It was the best toy ever!  Our little brick made it every building you can imagine….he even slept in it every night for two weeks.  When it started to tear and fall apart, we cut it down more and it became a boat, airplane, etc.  This continues today.  Whenever there is a box of any “large” size, he has to have it.  He actually cut up boxes recently and made a boat.  It had compartments for storage, a seat, a working rudder, mast and sail, the bow came to a point.  I was amazed!  (I know I have a pic somewhere, but I can’t find which camera/mobile device it’s on)

This week hubby has been setting up his new home office.  The little brick and his older brother are losing the play room (although we are keeping the game systems in there for now).  With the new office comes furniture and with furniture comes boxes.  As we unpacked the boxes from the truck the little brick was telling us, in no uncertain terms, which ones he wanted (read—all of them).  We compromised on the desk box and the printer box.  He gained possession of the boxes as I headed out yesterday afternoon to teach a class.  I returned to a……well, it’s sort of a……Nerf gun safe.  Now, I will take an aside here and share that we do have firearms in the house.  They are locked up in one of two gun safes, unloaded.  The ammo is kept in a different locked cabinet.  Both boys have fired BB guns and our older one has done rifle shooting in Scouts.  Hubby hunts and shoots handguns.  We have taught our boys gun safety and how important it is.  We even go so far as to not allow Nerf guns to be pointed at another person, unless you are actively involved in a Nerf war.  The Nerf gun safe has a lock that needs a key to open.  Inside are shelves (with real brackets for support) slots cut for storage, etc.  It is really quite impressive.  I think hubby may even be jealous.  Haha.  While I would have preferred a boat or plane, maybe this will get all the rest of the Nerf stuff out from under his bed and organized, or at least contained.  I can’t wait to see what he does with the printer box.




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