The Envelope Please. And the Winner is…..Me!



Thank you to Desiree at Of Moms and Monsters for nominating me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  I have only been doing this a couple months, so it is an honor to know I have touched and helped others already.  I started blogging as a way to get stuff off my chest and out of my mind, to share successes and challenges and hopefully help someone by offering hope and/or help along the way.

I am really excited to be getting an award, any award, but also love that I get to give fellow bloggers, whom I have come to love, a shout out too.

There are, as in all things in life, some rules…..

  1. Display the logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself (I am going to do fun things that you might not know yet).
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
  5. Notify the other nominees by linking their blogs so they get notified by ping-back.


Hhhmmmm, seven fun facts about me? 

  1. I am a native Floridian and would have it no other way.  I have lived here my whole life (except for 4 years during the college age range-more on that in number two).  I am very thin blooded and cannot stand being cold. 
  2. I lived in Grand Cayman for three years with my, now, husband.  I was a SCUBA instructor and dive boat captain.  It was a blast!  I grew up more there in those three years than any other time in life (except maybe parenthood).
  3. I have pet chickens.  We have eight currently.  Three Easter Eggers (they lay blue-green eggs), two Buff Orpingtons, two Australorps and a Barred Plymouth (they all lay brown eggs).  Their names are Cotton, Rowan, Willow, Lily, Daisy, Laurel, Lavender and Pepper.  They are social, have unique personalities and are loads of fun.  Plus they keep us stocked on eggs, which the little brick eats loads of!  We also have two dogs, two cats, a guinea pig, a lion head rabbit and a fish.
  4. I was a Marine Biology major my first time through college.  Couldn’t pass Calculus II.  Stupid math!  So I lived a little and went back to school years later and am now a pediatric Speech Pathologist.
  5. I am a closet (or not so closet) sci-fi/fantasy/super hero geek.  I love Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, The Avengers etc, etc. 
  6. I am glad I have two boys.  I would not know what to do with a girl.  I think LEGOs, even the ones that send you swearing like a sailor when you step on them, beat Barbie shoes hands down.
  7. I have five tattoos and am designing numbers six and seven.  One is an Autism tattoo, one is a Sign Language tattoo and one I am designing will be a tribute to my father, who passed away last June.  I am inked and proud of it!

So now my 15.  Wow, I thought it would be hard to find 15, but my challenge is narrowing it down to only 15.  Please do not be hurt if you are not on my list.  Many pages have disappeared from my feed and I am sure I am forgetting some of my faves.  Here are the 15 nominees.

  1. Asperkids- A page and books by an Aspie, married to an Aspie, raising Aspies.  You don’t get any better than that for real insight and knowhow. 
  2. Playing with Words 365- A fellow SLP who writes and amazing page about language development.  Loads of freebies and great tips!
  3. 100 Days of Real Food- A mom who decided to cut processed foods out, but still cook regular kid friendly meals.  Amazing strategies and yummy recipes.
  4. The Crumb Diaries– A blog by a mom of a teen with an undiagnosed developmental delay.  She is funny and raw, but soft and real.  Well worth a check out!
  5. Autism Sparkles– This cupcake loving mom is the most positive person I have encountered.  She tells of challenges and troubles, but remains positive and upbeat.  Sparkle on!
  6. Red Vines and Red Wine– Another mommy blogger.  She uses dry humor and a bit of potty mouth, but will have you rolling with tears falling from laughing so hard.
  7. Daddy’s in Charge?- A daddy blogger who is funny, witty and awesome dad.  He also uses LEGOs in his blog.  Score points there!!
  8. Autism With a Side of Fries- One of the first Autism blogs I found.  I love Momma Fry.  Another “take the good and the bad” perspective.  She is awesome!
  9. The Autistic Life– This blog page is by the same mom as The Might Mr. M vs Autism on Facebook.  She is great!
  10. The extra and the Ordinary- I have only recently found this blog.  It is, as the name says, about finding the special in the ordinary and letting go and accepting.
  11. Grape Jelly on Pizza-Another mommy blog.  This one has some feeding entries, always good info.
  12. A Legion for Liam- this is the Facebook page for the blog—My Ausome Son.  Another great blog on awareness and acceptance.
  13. Mind Retrofit-A blog by a mom with Asperger’s.  She offers great perspective and information.
  14. Spouse, Kids and Special Needs Aren’t Things Issued in a Seabag?- Not only a blog about raising special needs kids but about military life as well.  Any spouse of an enrolled husband or wife, has my complete and total respect, gratitude and prayers.
  15. Homegrown Learners-A home school blog page.  As we look into home school as an option for the little brick I am looking for more pages.  This is one of the first I found, and I really like it.


And one more shout out that is not a blog, but they have supported my blog and many others (and are really cool folks) Ink 4 Autism.  They are an organization taking Autism Awareness one step further.  If you like tattoos check them out!

Whew, done.  I have come to love all my other “boggy mommies and daddies” as I have come to call you all.  Thank you for sharing your stories, your experience, your knowledge, your love and your life with me and the rest of your followers. 


One response to “The Envelope Please. And the Winner is…..Me!

  1. XOXO! Just saw this – THANK YOU! Will repost (but dang – you took some of my favorites!)

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