Not the trip I planned

Daddy brick and I were asked to be confirmation sponsors for our best friends boys.  We were excited and honored!  We planned a three day trip to Philly and arranged tag team efforts with the grandmas To manage the boys.  We left at the crack of dawn on Wednesday and upon landing hear that the morning with grandma one went well and the kids got off to school fine.  Aside from a weather glitch the afternoon went well also.

Grandma number two decided to treat the brick and the teen to dinner from, not one, but two restaurants.  She went to the sushi place to get the brick’s noodles and then to the pizza place to get pizza for her and the teen.  She got back to the house and the brick announced they were “the wrong noodles.”  I just happened to be on the phone with the teen and heard the explosion in the background.

Long story short, after two phone conversations, a very generous grandma offing to go back to the sushi place, and my calling in another order, the brick got his noodles and the rest of the evening went well.

Fast forward to this morning at 7 am.  We are still sleeping and the phone rings.  G’ma 2 says the brick is refusing to go to school.  Knowing there is nothing we can do from Philly and that we are not going to put grandma in the position to ‘force’ him, I talk to the brick about expectations and consequences.  I then leave the decision to him.  So much for a relaxing three days…..

We expected some challenges, we knew it wouldn’t go perfect, but we did not expect this.   After several more phone calls and him changing his mind several times, the brick has decided not to go to school today.  Meanwhile the middle school calls and says “Someone claiming to be your son’s grandmother came in and tried to give him medication.”  Yikes!  The teen has exams and apparently in all going on with his brother he didn’t take his ADHD  meds.  The lady at school was great.  I gave her grandma’s info and verbal permission and the school employee added grandma into the system as an ‘authorized’ person.

Not two minutes later the phone rings…it’s grandma.  I answer with ‘I will give you a bottle of wine per kid per day the next time I see you.’  Only it’s not grandma-it’s the brick.  He is in tears begging me to come home.

I explain that this is no different than any other day.  He should be in school, then he will go to guitar lessons and out to dinner.  He needs to go to school tomorrow and grandma will bring Subway for the picnic and then you get to come home early and we will be home before bedtime.  Through tears he says ‘I know, it is just so hard with you not here and I miss you. ‘  Now I am in tears too.

It has been a while since we left him.  He does have sleepovers with my mom and with daddy’s dad and step mom (who are the two grandmas watching the boys now) but there are no expectations or schedules for that.  He gets to just hang out and be relaxed.  We were hoping enough progress has been made that this would work.  He is fine when daddy brick is out of town and he does well with daddy if I am away.  I guess the change in routine with us both gone is just too much.  We wouldn’t have known if we didn’t try, right?

So,  last so last I heard grandma was taking meds to the teen and the brick was home for the day, and in reality probably tomorrow too.  <sigh>. I will update tomorrow and share how it all ends.  Send good vibes and positive thoughts to the brick for me.  Send patience and prayers to the grandmas.

This is not the trip I planned, but I will enjoy the time I have here with friends and deal with the rest when I get home, there is nothing I can do now from so far away.  Lesson’s learned and foresight for next time…….

PS. This is typed on my iPad and apparently Word Press doesn’t like the Pad interface….apologies in advance  for typos.


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