The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

I have come to realize I am a bit of a food snob.  All my life I have been ‘on again, off again vegetarian.’  I do not eat fast food; I eat, and enjoy, vegetables.    I buy organic for my family (although the hubs, teen and Brick do not follow this when away from me).  If organic is not available I buy all natural and suck up to the fact we are eating Monsanto GMO – ICK!!  I am not nazi-esque about it though.  We go out to dinner and I do not limit what the kids order or eat.  They are allowed to have cupcakes and candy at school parties and as treats.

I have also come to realize I am a bit of a food hypocrite.  I was looking at my facebook feed and one of the pages I follow posted a pic of her child eating.  I was disgusted by the food choice.  I actually said, out loud, ‘Who would let their 3 year old eat _____.’  I am not going to name the food because it would give away the other page and making her uncomfortable is not my goal.  I have seen many other pages and pictures of kids eating thing I consider poison and toxic.  And not just Bubba Burgers or twizzlers (which are a food group to the brick teen and hubs).  But things like toddlers with a can of soda or a bottle of Gatorade.  What kind of example and foundation are we laying??

Now, I do understand the whole feeding/eating/Autism thing.  I really do!  The Brick has never been an ‘only eats three things’ kid, but he does go on food jags.  Currently it is chicken nuggets and onion rings.  A while ago it was clam strips.  Before that fried shrimp.  And he eats tartar sauce or ‘white sauce’ on everything!  He eats eggs (scrambled or fried) every morning.  We go through so many eggs that we bought chickens a year and a half ago.  I think they have paid for themselves already.  We are lucky that he eats a variety of fruit as well, but he doesn’t eat veggies.

When possible I make these things so I can control the ingredients.  I believe and have seen proof in my own children, that what we eat affects our behavior and our health.  I can tell when they have red cupcakes at school or if grandma lets them have twizzlers (red dye).  It is one of those things that I choose to control when I can for as long as I can.  I hope that, by eating well most of the time, but allowing the ‘junk’ on occasion, I can instill a sense of healthy eating in my kids.

While cooking dinner tonight (hubs is away so the teen and I had leftovers) for the Brick, it dawned on me that I really am a hypocrite.  Here is his dinner…cooking and on the plate.  Notice his ‘thumbs up’ that he snuck in the pic. I have the need to also add that there is a bowl of watermelon and cantelope too.



I tell myself that it is different.  These are all natural, no preservative, no artificial color or flavor onion rings or that it is organic chicken or I made it myself.  I fry it myself in non GMO oil.  It is different.  But, it’s not.  It is me feeding my child what he will eat so I can get calories in him.  While I will not feed him Golden Arches regularly or buy food with artificial colors for anything but the occasional treat, I am really no different, better or worse, that the mom who posted the pic of the kid eating the ______.    I am just feeding my child what he will eat so he can grow.  I do what I can and am lucky that he allows me to do so much and control his diet.


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