Brick Stix

First—I am not receiving any compensation for this post.  I am only sharing the Brick’s and my opinion on this (amazingly fabulous) product.


 I posted on facebook a couple weeks ago that we had ordered some Brick Stix.  If you are not familiar with Brick Stix go to for more info.  They are reusable stickers to accent Legos (they remind me of Colorforms—did I date myself?).  There are clothing items, town and home stickers, etc.  Even a fun Zombie pack!   I ordered the Special Forces sticker pack, the Town sticker pack, the Home Cling pack and the storage book. 


We played with them and the Brick built the kitchen scene using both stickers and clings.  Here are his comments.

“They are awesome.”

“I like that they don’t stick to your fingers but stick to the Legos.’

“They make Legos more fun.  I recommend them for anyone who likes Legos.”

“Out of five stars, I give them 6!”

His only complaint was that the clings don’t stick to rounded bricks.  I reminded him that the website said that and that the stickers would stick to rounded bricks and he moved on quickly.


In the picture you can see many of the clings.  Starting on the far left you can see a refrigerator cling, a window and cell phone, behind the bread is my mini-me and she is wearing a sticker shirt.  Behind Daddy Brick (in the chef hat) you can see a cling for a microwave and on the right you can see a canister set and the blender.  There are also cookies, a sub sandwich, and eating utensils but they are on horizontal surfaces so you can’t see them in the picture.


They really do peel and stick well and when you remove them to reapply to a different brick they keep their ‘stick.’  I recommend the book, especially for smaller fingers and anyone who may have fine motor issues.  Trying to get the stickers to line up to store on their original sheet is challenging.  The only recommendation I have is to have some of the clothing items with ‘flesh tone,’ not just ‘mini-fig yellow,’ necklines.  With so many mini-figs being made not in Lego yellow it would be a nice addition. 

As a mom I also give these 5 stars.  They fill in some missing pieces when the Brick tries to built a scene and significantly add to his creativity as he builds.  They are an amazing value for the cost.  We will definitely be purchasing more!


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