I wanted to take a moment to thank my friends for sticking with me.  I know I am not the most responsive friend.  I try to be there when you need me.  I try to respond with a phone call when I hear you have something, bad or good, going on.  Sometimes I only get a text sent.  I try to be there to support you and lift you up when you need it.  I do my best, I promise I do.

With all I have going on as a ‘homeschooling mom of a child with Asperger’ and a hubby that travels quite a bit for work, I do not live up to most people’s criteria of a good friend.  I do not call or text regularly, but rather sporadically.  It is not that I don’t care.  There are just some days that I do not get to the phone.  I mean to.  I think of it 10 times during the day; while in yoga class, while in the shower, while schooling my son, while cooking a meal……

I have had many friends come and go.  People who do not understand the life I lead, who don’t see the daily stuff.  I have had acquaintances not turn into the friendships I had hoped to foster.  

So, Thank You.  Thank you for knowing who I am and what I stand for.  Thank you for knowing that you are always in my heart, thoughts and prayers.  Thank you for not giving up on me.  Thank you for standing by me.  Thank you for understanding my life and my son!

I love and cherish each of you!



One response to “Friends

  1. I lost so many friends after we got our autism diagnosis – some because I failed to keep in touch and others because they seemed to feel it might be “catching.” There were a few years when I would have been lucky to call 2 people for a chat (pre-FB 🙂 ) Few people understand the emotional and time-consuming drain of life with Autism Spectrum Disorders – those that do are the real keepers!

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